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Our Design Studio

Exmore is a boutique fashion house that designs, produces, and offers high quality, fashion-forward leather clothing. We combine exceptional fit and function with distinctive design innovation for elegant leather construction. Our bespoke team helps each individual create a masterpiece which is made to match their body, taste, style, and uniqueness.

Our leather jackets.

Leather is the oldest material humans have used for clothing. 

Leather is as natural and as functional as your own skin; it regulates moisture, breathes, and is both windproof and elastic. 

Real leather is what gives this natural product its special appeal. Each item of clothing looks and feels unique.

We exclusively use high-grade hides of lamb, cow, buffalo and deer which are finished with a great feel for the material and details. Your jacket is the product of countless hours of craftsmanship. Each piece is a masterpiece on its own. The diversity of our collections rests on long-standing experience. We create durable and, thus, sustainable products.

Our story

Exmore is a global lifestyle brand that brings to life bold, aesthetically pleasing, and progressive ideas. The founder is an individual with zeal and passion for product development and diversity. He has a deep conviction and a unique ability to craft these ideas into reality. His 20 years of professional commitment and entrepreneurial spirit have led him to develop Exmore.

The team at Exmore is building a reputation as a leading Canadian brand name. Our unmatched customer service sets us miles apart other brands. Contact us or come in to see for yourself. We treat every customer as if they are our only customer.


Care Tips To Ensure Your Product Has A Long Life

  • A leather jacket is not a raincoat; protect it from water.
  • If it does get wet, then simply dry it at room temperature on a hanger. Do not expose it to heat or the leather will become rough and decayed.
  • Do not iron or wash for any reason.
  • If it needs cleaning, contact dry cleaners with leather experience.
  • Wet or dry, never keep your jacket in airtight covers (e.g. plastic bags) as the leather could get moldy. Leather is a living material and needs air to breathe.
  • Caution: This item may fade, lose colour and/or transfer colour when rubbed onto other surfaces especially when damp.